Sunday, 28 August 2016

Cook the Books - August

Week One:
Something a little different this week, Turmeric and Ginger Latte from Annabel Langbein's Winter Annual #4.  This actually makes about 2 cups of chai base, which you then add to hot frothy milk when required. Miss B and I sampled this one day when she was home, sick from school.

Verdict:  A warming drink full of anti oxidants, makes a change from tea and hot chocolates.  The remaining chai base gets kept in a jar in the fridge ( up to two weeks) and used when needed.

Week Two:
Finally the Chelsea Winter book Homemade Happiness arrived for me at the library.  So many lovely recipes in this, that I have succumbed and redeemed some Flybuys points for my own copy.  I thought I'd try the Golden Oat Cookies for school lunches.

Verdict:  I made mine a wee bit smaller than the golf ball size she suggests so got 36 instead of 20. Crunchy and tasty and all from ingredients readily available in my pantry. I am thinking that maybe the rest of this month's Cook the Books recipes will come from this book.

Week Three:
I am still thoroughly enamoured with my new Chelsea Winter cookbook, so this weekend I tried out two recipes.
  • Best ever Chocolate Chip Cookies 
  • Way better Devilled sausages
Verdict: Again I made my biscuits smaller than her recommendation, but next time I would definitely double the mixture, They are crisp and chewy and caramelly - everything a chocolate chip biscuit should be.  The devilled sausages were fabulous, subtly spiced, a rich flavoursome sauce -definitely a make again dish, though it does take a little time to prepare and cook.

Week Four: Another Chelsea Winter recipe - this time Sesame Chicken, served with rice and steamed greens.

Verdict:  Everyone loved this, though Mr J and the Scout thought it would have been better served without the steamed greens.

Week 5:
Back to my Annabel Langbein Winter Annual #4 - this time for Baked Spanish Chicken.  I served mine with a paella inspired rice from the book My Underground Kitchen.

Verdict:  A big hit, though The Scout and Mr J need to develop a taste for olives.  Luckily they didn't notice the chopped capers.  Yes the cooking dish gets a little messy, but it cleans up easily enough and is worth it for the delicious crispy spicy chicken.

Luckily Chelsea Winter's new book isn't out till the end of September, so I have a month to cook from some of my other still unused books.


  1. The chicken recipes sound great. Awesome food photography by you!! Well Done!

  2. Just off now to check out Chelsea's recipes, thanx for the link!

  3. Thanks for the post about the recipes Julie lou. I make biscuits/cookies all the time, and I'll be giving the Golden Oat cookies a try. I will probably cut the sugar to 1/2 cup, as there is alot of G. Syrup as well, and I find some biscuit recipes are just too sweet.
    I'll have to find her recipe book. :-)

  4. All looks quite delicious Julie! I love choc chip cookies and these sound especially yummy!

  5. Very inspriring, I must look up these books.... yum!

  6. That last chicken dish looks amazing! (messy pan = good eats, right??) Oatmeal cookies are my very favorite - adding coconut would probably really be delish! Your 'cook the books' posts always make me wish I were more inspired to cook (rather than just cooking because I have to...) I am hoping that a new kitchen (whenever we get to that point...) will help. Once upon a time, I really enjoyed loving my family with food.


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