Thursday, 25 August 2016

Scenes from my Week

From the sofa
  • the hand quilting continues on my Liberty Bloomsbury quilt, this is only worked on in the evenings, but I am surprised with how much I have done so far.   I am  lovinge how the back looks too.
From the sewing room
  • some more blocks for the sea glass sampler quilt.  I came across this sea shell block the other day and  have decided to make it too - I couldn't really not for this quilt.
  • the first 9 blocks for my City Sampler - surprisingly they don't look too bad together.
From the garden
  • remember that bare garden here that I had to plant - well finally the weather has been fine and warm, so the first plants are in and mulched. Only the lime tree and manuka plants were new, all the rest have been transplanted or broken up from other areas of my garden.  Now they need to grow and then I can plant some smaller flowering plants for more colour.

One more day till the weekend. I want to do some yummy baking and a few more City Sampler blocks, what have you got planned for yours?


  1. good progress on the quilty front. I like the stone arrangement in the garden.

  2. You put us all to shame with your quilting progress, stunning.

    1. I should probably try to exercise more and do a bit more housework instead of sewing all the time though.

  3. Your Liberty quilt is going to be so so scrumptious!! Your stitching is perfect!
    I love the jewels - I think they will be my favorite blocks in your sea glass quilt. We shall see :-) And yes - you really pretty much HAVE to add some sea shells...
    Well, of course your City Sampler is looking fab :-) As is the garden. Manuka plants? Sweet! I used Manuka Honey (among other herbs and oils) to treat a pretty bad burn a few years ago and I am completely sold on it's healing properties and will never be without it again. It's pricey, but a little goes a long way. I've never run into anyone who has ever heard the word 'manuka' before, so seeing it in your garden is especially cool!

  4. Your 'city sampler' block are looking great, a lovely mix of colour! And your quilting is wonderful...oh and I love the backing fabric!

  5. You do get lots done Julie! Your efforts in the garden are really going to pay off once the weather really warms up!

  6. It's a great feeling when the back of your quilt is also attractive, something I find more often the case with hand quilting than machine quilting. Your garden is looking good, a nice clean start ready for the growth which will come as the weather warms up.

  7. I know you will be excited to get outside and garden again soon. :-)


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