Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wednesday WIP

The last few days of winter have knocked me about with hay fever, coughing fits, very sore ribs, and sinus pain.  Today it feels as though I am starting to get better, just in time for spring.

There has been a little sewing going on though.  I have finished the last of my paper pieced foxes, for The Fox Swap.  I now have a fox for all four seasons.  They have been sashed and straight line quilted, into a pillow top.  I quite accidentally found the perfect backing at Spotlight too, so just the zip to install and binding to make, then it is done.

Also being worked on rather slowly is my embroidered label for Mr J's shirt quilt, comprised of  an inspirational quote and the date it was made. This will be a slow project, cos I find I can't see well enough at night to do the tiny stitches it requires, so it must be done during daylight hours, fitted in around work, cooking, gardening, reading and housework.  I did this for Miss B's Granny Square quilt too.

Fox Pattern from here

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  1. Oh I do so love those foxes! They are so sweet friend! What an outstanding job you did on that piece! HA! And I hear you about squeezing things in around everything else! You inspire me with what you create and push me to learn more! Happy week to you friend! Nicole xo

  2. Wow i love those foxes they are impressive. I had the same problem sewing at night so i bought a daylight lamp from the lighting shop in Henderson near Kmart. They are 100 dollars but always have sales with big discounts. It's great and i can see everything. You can stand them on the floor and they come across right where you are stitching if you are sat in the arm chair so the light is above your work but not in your eyes. :)

  3. I am so impressed with those foxes they are a stunning piece of work.

  4. Your foxes are so beautiful!!! What amazing work. xx

  5. What is it about foxes? Yours are terrific!

  6. Your fox blocks look great and your stitched quote is very special.

  7. I love the fox blocks. WOW!! Just amazing.
    I also love the idea you are stitching the quotes. xx xxx ooo oo

    Hope you feel better soon.


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