Thursday, 28 August 2014

Home Work

Much as I enjoy my job, I do so like it, when I get to spend a day at home,
  • pottering about in the kitchen - this week spicy pineapple muffins and marshmallow slice
  • doing a little housework  (my house, is now never as clean and tidy, as it was in my prework days) 
  • having time to browse through inspiring garden books - I am especially loving Virginia Woolf's Garden
  • opening more happy mail - the arrival of some more swap envelopes - here's how they all look together so far.
Hoping your week is going well too.


  1. They look beautiful together friend! SO many fantastic colors and designs!! And those muffins!! Are ya kidding me! Just plain yummy looking!!!! Now I am off to look at those gardening books as I will have more room for flowers when we rework the backyard!!! Thanks for sharing pal! Happy week to you as well! Nicole xoxo

  2. Your baking always looks sooooo good.
    Yum oh

  3. Yum muffins! A day off does the soul a world of good from time to time.

  4. Having time at home to do what you want is lovely isn't it. Your baking looks delicious!! xx

  5. Spicy pineapple muffin recipe please! Do you know what? I much prefer being at home. My part-time job is going well, I'm just working more hours than intended. I need to dig my heels in and only work the agreed hours. Give me a day of baking and pottering in the garden over work any day xo

  6. So love all those envelopes! Cant wait to see it come together!!

  7. Cooking, garden planing and sewing happy mail - sounds like delightful mix to enjoy when not at work - and something pleasant to contemplate while at work.

  8. I agree with what Karen had to say. Looks like fun...not work. And that is how I feel when I have time to do my homestuff that I want to do, like baking, cooking and gardening. Skip the cleaning. ;-)
    Have a great day.


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