Monday, 18 May 2015


Believe it or not, I did other things apart from sew all weekend.  I just didn't take photos.  Anyway as you can see, I am still inspired by my scrappy sampler quilt idea.  I have been having a lot of fun sewing new blocks, using precious scraps of fabric.  I am noticing  I seem to have a bit of a fascination with orange and purple toned fabrics, so I will have to start making some with a little more blue and green in them.

The Scout walked into my sewing room on Saturday night after being away for a week and commented on the mess. Organised chaos is what I call it, needless to say it has been cleaned up.

Hoping you all had a fabulous weekend, and here's to a great week ahead.


  1. Organized chaos is right!! That is what I would like to call the life of an artist!! Your blocks are so me your pieces are like paintings but with fabric! Way to go on your friend! Have a lovely week! Nicole xoxo

  2. I laughed when I saw the first pic... didn't seem like the-you-I-kinda-know at all? Lovely blocks so far! The goldfish in a bag made me look twice, and I love the red roses fabric!

  3. Looks like a very productive weekend!

  4. I am a fan of the phrase organized chaos, that fits my craft room too.

  5. Looks like a fun weekend no matter what else you may have done :) You cant contain creativity and creation :)

  6. They are all fun blocks! I have to say that I am glad that you remind me when a weekend has passed, its not so easy to tell when one isn't working LOL

  7. Everything here is so inspiring- my cutting and sewing table looked like that when I left for work this morning! I love all the fussy cuts here too- who doesn't love a fishy in a bag!!!! Have a great week Julie

  8. Hi,
    I LOVE the fish block. Oh my, that is so cute!!
    Have a great week,


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