Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Making : a list of things to take to my sewing day
Cooking : porridge in the mornings for my breakfast
Drinking :  Earl Grey tea and hot chocolates
Reading:  all sorts of books at present - lots of new authors have been recommended to me lately

Wanting: the housework fairies to visit
Looking: forward to my sewing day on Saturday with my friends
Playing: AlphaBetty on my son's ipod
Sewing: secretly for my next sewing day birthday club recipient (photos this weekend)

Wishing: more people would use tissues or handkerchiefs rather than sniffing all the time

Enjoying: sewing random blocks for my sampler quilt
Waiting: for summer
Liking: my shorter haircut
Wondering: what to cook for dinner tonight
Loving: my new pendant from KP Beads

Hoping: we don't have a frost tonight
Needing: chocolate and maybe a walk
Smelling: Daphne flowering in my garden

Wearing: layers of clothes to keep warm
Following:the debate and discussions on the possible new flag designs for New Zealand

One of these 40 designs could become New Zealand's new national flag.
Noticing:that it is staying light a little longer in the evenings now
Knowing: that there is only one more day of work for me this week
Thinking: it must be nice to be a cat sleeping in the sun
Feeling:  very proud of Miss B and Mr J for their results in different mathematics competitions
Bookmarking :this blog, which details the stunning costumes from the Outlander TV show
Opening: and emptying packets of ingredients into their storage cannisters


  1. I love porridge for breakfast in the cooler months and of course you can't beat hot chocolate.

  2. Ah, the old 'daily dinner decision'! My mum had it all under control, you could tell which day of the week it was by what she served up! And thanx, I've forwarded on the costume link to my daughter, she's just finished ALL the books in the series, and loved them!

  3. Seems my cholesterol is a bit high, so I've been having porridge for breakfast too - yum! I hope you enjoy your sewing day :)

  4. Lots to think about in your world. I have just finished reading the first Outlander book and found it interesting that is was less graphic than the TV series.

  5. The humble HST proves how lovely it can be once again :) Is there a reason behind this flag change?

  6. I didn't know that New Zealand were thinking of a new flag!? I wish we were more progressive in this area! Australians think if we change the flag we delete the history created under the old one! There are some fabulous designs amongst them! I've noticed the long days. Hopefully Spring is not far away!

  7. Sounds as though it is all going well for you. Interesting to see the different flag designs, some I can see would be good, others I am not so keen on, but as I don't have any say it doesn't really matter what I think does it! xx

  8. Hi, Why is NZ thinking of a new flag?
    What one do you like?

    I am going to get my hair cut short Thursday. :-) I think I am ready for a change.
    xx oo

  9. Such a great list - lovely glimpse into your goings on :)


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