Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Sculpture in The Gardens

Waypoint by Garry Nash

Khulu by John Fergusson

Close up of Khulu 

The Learning by Lucy Bucknall

Ratiti Mya by James Wright

More of Ratiti Mya

Mr J in the Egg Chair (Big Bird) by Samantha Lissette

Titipounamu by Bing Dawe

Seek by Marte Szirmay

Bird Songs by Chris Moore

View out from Blind by Jonathon Organ and Jessica Pearless

The fifth Sculpture in the Gardens is currently on display at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.  There are 20 sculptures of various sizes and mediums placed around for visitors to look at, discuss, vote for and purchase should you have a surplus of cash and a large park like garden.  Over the Christmas/New Year break,  we went to have a look at these.

They definitely provoked discussion from Miss B and Mr J.  The Egg Chair was a big hit with Mr J.  My favourites were: Waypoint, Khulu and Tiitipounamu.

Of course no trip to the Botanic Gardens can be had with out obligatory flower photos.


  1. I loved seeing those. THANKS.

  2. What a beautiful place to visit!! The sculptures are incredible aren't they. Amazing how different they all are and yet all so incredible! xx

  3. Just what I needed on this cold winter night. Beautiful and fun!!

  4. What a great visit, stunning sculptures so thought provoking. Best wishes for 2016.

  5. Wonderful photos Julie! Sounds like I need to put this on my list this week for next family day out!

  6. Every year I say to myself, this year. So maybe this year I will actually go!


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