Thursday, 7 April 2016

EPP Happenings

photo from Patchworknplay

NO, this beautiful pillow is not my work.  However I have been very inspired by this  Tula Pink Hexi pillow made by my friend Susan,  and have decided that my next EPP project will be an Anna Maria Horner Hexi pillow.  The templates have been pulled out, as have the pre-cut 2.5" squares I have on hand.  I see a lot more cutting of these in my future, luckily I have a very healthy AMH stash to support this.

Of course, I need to finish up the EPP Cartwheel pillow first. Last night while watching Outlander, I made the final corner/edging pieces required for this and am now in the process of attaching them.

So nice to know that the end is in sight for the cartwheel and a I have a new winter hand stitching project to look forward too.


  1. Super pretty! Love the fabric that you chose for your pillow. I like the gray fabric with the script. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    1. Thanks Jill. That grey script is actually a really inky blue, that never photographs true, however I do know that it is produced by Stof should you ever be trying to find it online.

  2. Looks like your EPP adventures are going well... this is going to look lovely!

  3. Good luck with your lovely cushion- you have chosen some great fabrics! And thanks for the 'shout out'! You are good friend Julie!

  4. The pillow was beautiful, you certainly have a very talented friend. Love the fabrics you have chosen for yours.

  5. They are both beautiful pieces of work! Two very talented ladies! xx


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