Thursday, 21 April 2016


The problem with new fabric is that it inspires you to start new projects, and not work on the ones you really need to get finsihed.  eg:  Mum's birthday quilt top.

Miss B has a birthday in a weeks time, she has already received part of her gift - a new duvet set that is no longer little girlish or bright coloured.  She has a love of feathers, so last night while lying in bed, thinking about my new AMH fabrics, I thought they would be perfect as feathers, and of course they will eventually work with her new quilt that I am making

A few strips of fabric later, with some contrasting blues and aquas mixed in, a little cutting and sewing, I have three down sized AMH feathers.  Two are going to be used in a pillow for her birthday, and the third, I'll keep to put in her sampler quilt.  All going well there will be a pillow given to her soon, as long as I remember to measure twice and cut once - currently I am unpicking the border that is too short.

Looking forward to seeing this finished in real life - cos in my mind it looks fabulous.


  1. In my mind it looks fabulous too.

  2. Yes, definitely fabulous - and I now have another pattern I should like to make!!!!

  3. Love the fabric combo in your /miss b's feathers! perfect for your 'beached' colour theme!

  4. This is so beautiful pattern! Love your colors! It's already fabulous :)

  5. It's going to be gorgeous Julie! Seagull feathers?

  6. Well, you are not the only one who suffers from such temptations! I have a pretty little fabric pull with several newbies in it, and I cannot begin to explain the torture to keep myself from cutting happily away.

    It's so fun to see these new AMH worked up! (they are also in my stack begging to be cut) But I think all in all, a quicky in between project like this is sometimes the best distraction one needs to actually stay on track. Looking forward to seeing more of these snippits in some future projects! Oh... another sampler? How divine!

  7. Hi,
    I like the color ideas.

    The time at the flower farm was wonderful. I will share more soon. :-)
    I have so many ideas .... dream on I will!! Betty did not start her farm until she was 52 years old, so I know it can happen. :-))


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