Thursday, 16 June 2016

Scenes from my Week

From the kitchen
  • freshly picked Rhubarb,  that got turned into the Rhubarb Crostata from this post
From the garden
  • There is not much flowering at present so am loving the pendulous blooms of my Fuchsia boliviana
From the sewing room
  • a pile of wooden bobbins - they are about 8" long, and have a metal end.  Does anyone know what they would have been used for - I think maybe lacemaking or weaving, but the colours of the threads used have me wondering if it may have been for something else - that orange is bright!!
  • a sneak peak of some of the sewing I am doing for Mum's birthday quilt.
What has been happening in your week?


  1. The bobbins look fascinating, it would be interesting to find out what they were used for.

  2. Beautiful rich warm colours! A lovely look at your week Julie.

  3. The bobbins look like carrots to me! I wonder if someone was using them as a decoration. I will e-mail re the rhubarb, I like your idea!

  4. I like the bobbins. I like the idea of using them as a decoration.
    I am looking forward to the rhubarb recipe.

  5. Your wooden bobbins look so interesting and such a bright orange, pretty with their green and metal ends! Very tactile!

  6. Those bobbins are interesting, did you find out what they were used for? And, a quick question about rhubarb- is there a green rhubarb variety and is it edible?


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