Thursday, 10 November 2016

Here & Now

Loving //That my Poor Knight's Lily finally has it's first flower spike after almost 6 years of non flowering, and that my garden is bursting into life for summer.
Eating //Strawberries, new season asparagus and avocados
Drinking //Bubbly - cos I celebrated a birthday recently
Feeling //A little worried about the United States election results and what it may mean for friends and family over there.
Making //Felt Christmas decorations
Thinking //Dubious thoughts about my current quilting project
Dreaming //Of coming home one day and finding that the housework and dinner fairies have visited.

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  1. I Like your felt work.
    My poor Knights lily is old. It has 15 flowers out on it. ( I hate having to cut out the leaves that discolour on it )
    America looks a very scary place to me.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Beautiful flowers; congrats on that flower spike! Fabulous handwork. Yeah - things are kinda crazy here right now : / dubious quilt feelings?? uh oh. Oh, I do hope they visit you :-) (and then you can suggest they make their way overseas ;-)

  3. How lovely would it be to find the housework fairies have visited? I gave up waiting for them and cleaned yesterday ;-)

    Your flowers are so pretty! I can't recall anyone ever paying as much attention to foreign politics as they have this time around...everyone seems to be a little freaked out, American or not!

    Thank-you so much for joining in again Julie!

    Sarah x

  4. LOVE those decorations Julie! Did you make them? They are beautifully stitched and that green is my favourite of all the greens out there!
    Happy Birthday! You kept that quiet.....

  5. Belated Birthday wishes. I love the idea of housework and dinner fairies.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday ... how many can you house in case a few of us need to jump on a plane? ;-)

    We could start a flower farm/shop together.
    xx oo

  7. Oh, dinner and housework lovely! You can sent them over to my house anytime! Happy birthday for whichever day you celebrated. Meg:)

  8. Oooh! Look at that lily! Wonderful! And I love your golden rings. Beautifully done.

  9. Gorgeous blooms filling you garden with amazing colours Julie, they're just beautiful.


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