Friday, 11 November 2016

No Magic Here

It appears the magic is disappearing from my Magic Stars Quilt .  I have made a few blocks up now, however when put together, they blur into a bit of a hot mess with no defined pattern.  Some of my blocks lack the contrast I had hoped for and I think I have also been too matchy matchy with my colours rather than aiming for a strong contrast.

I sent a couple of photos off to bloggy friends for advice.  Susan sent me back a black and white photo of my work so I could see where the colour values were too similar and I was losing the design.
I think for this quilt to work, I will not be able to make it totally out of my Anna Maria Horner fabrics, the designs are too large, the colour values to similar - so they get lost in each other.   I  need to introduce some smaller prints/florals, and perhaps more neutrals, (I'm trying to avoid  solids) to give it the contrast it needs so my stars can be seen.

The worst offending blocks have been removed from the selection, unfortunately because of the way the blocks are constructed, I can't just unpick them and insert more highly contrasting fabrics, so these will be destined for the scrap pile (not thrown out though, my fabric is too precious for that).

 I will persevere with a few more blocks and see if I am liking the result, however this may end up being another Hospice quilt in the making.  So disheartening after starting this with such enthusiam.


  1. Such a shame when it doesn't work out how you had planned. Hopefully you will be able to salvage some of it.

  2. Being new to your blog I was intrigued when you mentioned this project, you were so excited and that made me excited to see your progress. Then seeing your blocks I loved how the small triangles made circles, so I opened EQ, drew the block, put them in a quilt, then randomly dropped fabrics in. Once finished, I sat back, squinted my eyes and saw the same thing you did. I did notice that some combinations really played well together, so I started recoloring, and I made sure a light fabric was always paired with a contrasting one and a fabric in a large print was paired with one of small print. I was much happier, that circle of triangles showed thru. Of course with the program I have access to more fabrics than I can count, while you're working with a group of fabrics you love. Don't give up yet, study those b & w photos. If you're unsure, tack the strips onto the wall across the room. Sit back and squint. You're on to something great!

  3. I have the same pattern tucked away and have been wondering which fabrics to use, sos thank you for giving us the feedback on your experience here Julie. I often change my photos to black and white to see if I have a reasonable balance, saves time and angst I think. I'm looking forward to how this progresses.

  4. Don't give up yet! Look at it all for a few days... then decide. There's no doubt about it, making a scrappy quilt does require some thought and time to get a result that is pleasing to the eye. I think you are right, more contrast is needed. Maybe all the little star triangles could be dark? (and in some blocks you have almost got it!) Thanx for sharing!

  5. I think it is all coming together, Julie. You have been given some good advice in your comments. Those 'not-so-great' blocks can always be used on the back, or in a tote bag?

  6. Where the blocks work, they really work.... I always find a few days away from a project helps me to come back with a fresh perspective and solutions...good to see your issues before I start mine (whenever that will be!!)

  7. I think it needs more contrast as well. Don't give up; it's going to be gorgeous! Love the pattern!!

  8. That’s a tough cookie, but I’m sure you will manage to make it work! I always find it hard to work with fabrics from one designer only. It often works better when you add something which has enough contrast in colour and print size. How large are the blocks?

  9. GAH I'm a just throw it away and give up kinda girl but these have so much work
    I was thinking solids but then read you didn't want to add solids
    I understand frustration I have a quilt I'm completely frustrated with At the moment


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