Friday, 10 February 2017

Here & Now

Loving // this beautiful pink Hibiscus growing on a tree in my neighbourhood,
Eating // tomatoes, red and green - fresh from my vege garden
Drinking //at this moment a hot chocolate, soon it will be a TGIF chardonnay
Feeling //tired  and a wee bit stressed,  hot nights make sleep difficult, and proposed restructuring at work doesn't help one's state of mind
Making //some different hexis - these patterns from The New Hexagon
Thinking //about getting a new cat - lots of interesting discussions with my family about this 
Dreaming // of fabric colours and combinations for an interesting quilt pattern I'm testing

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  1. A perfect looking flower, tomatoes and the paper piecing.........happy weekend!

  2. Thinking of a new cat? Don't forget to consider a Burmese cat. They are simply the best!

  3. I'm pleased see that you've had great success with your tomatoes, I gave up on them after three years of disease problems. Lovely clear pink hibiscus, always a winer I think. Good luck with the decision on a new kitty! Oh, and your hexagons are neat - what size finished Julie?

  4. Love the hexis! Restructuring seems to be happening at our library too.

  5. Happy weekend, Julie! Over "the ditch" here in Australia it's pretty well hot everywhere...except maybe Tasmania. Your quilted hexagons looks so lovely, the colours are beautiful together. I think you have an eye for colours! Meg:)

  6. Your blog photos are always a glorious riot of colour Julie! Your hexies are looking fabulous! I hope the restructuring is resolved soon, and doesn't impact too much on you.

  7. That first photo is so pretty Julie! What a lovely coloured flower.
    I've often thought about getting a cat. My only qualm with them is the idea of them killing wildlife (or my chickens!), but I suppose you can train cats just like dogs, otherwise they wouldn't be able to use them in movies / commercials ect.

    Thanks so much for joining in!

    Sarah x

  8. The photo of the hibiscus reminds me of a ballerina's tutu, such a gorgeous colour. I can sympathise with you about sleeping on hot nights, an electric fan has been a lifesaver for us.

  9. Hi,
    A new kitten? How fun! Keep us posted. :-)

    Sending you well Good Night wishes, I dislike when I can not sleep. So I know how you feel.

  10. Nice tomatoes! Our cat is quite an old man now (on his third country!) but I've had him since he was young (rescue kitten). :) We're you thinking cat or kitten?

    Good luck with the restructure. Always stressful.

    1. We'll adopt a cat(s) from the SPCA. kittens cause too much havoc.

    2. That's fantastic Julie - so many of both needing homes at the moment as well. Beware, I remember many years ago my brother going to the shelter to adopt a cat and ended up with a Momma cat and her two kittens. Couldn't break up the family (such a softie for a big tough guy). :)

  11. AN interesting link up Julie. Hope the nights cool soon so we can all sleep a little better (and things settle down at work for you). Love your hexagons, I've long admired this book.


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