Thursday, 21 June 2018

Things Here Lately

  • Not much in the way of flowers in my winter garden at present - however these little cyclamen always appear and always charm me.
  • Gosh this book was a wonderful read.  Very topical as it is about a mass shooting in an American school, but told from a child's perspective as to how he and his family deal with the aftermath.  Have tissues handy though.
  • More sewing - this time a dolman top in a lovely merino.  I made the medium.  As the pattern had short sleeves I had to draft longer ones, however, because I made them slightly too narrow I wasn't able to cuff them as they wouldn't fit over the arm of  my machine. I want to make this again, so next time will widen the sleeves slightly and decrease the neck line. Free Pattern from Cation Designs.
  • I took Miss B and Mr J to see the Bodyworlds Vital exhibition currently showing in Auckland.  Well worth a visit, we all learnt a lot.
I'm off to go and sit in front off the fire now, with a pile of new magazines which turned up in the post today. 


  1. Cyclamen in your garden, wow, it’s an indoor plant here! Love your top! The fire and some new magazines sound lik a plan!

  2. Beautiful top the cyclamen, I ahve some here ut the have not come up this year.

  3. I'm wondering what your normal coldest temp is there. The Cyclamen is lovely. When I had indoor plants, I had a couple of them. They are so pretty.
    xx, Carol

  4. So, off I went to Google Auckland and find out about the city where you live. I think I would like it there!!
    xx, Carol

  5. I am sad about Sew Stitch Snap Share disappearing, but I understand completely. I am having a hard time accepting that blogs are less active than they used to be. Perhaps I will have to get an instagram account as well like you did, but blogging will always be my favorite.

    I just love your flowers and your top. I wish I loved to sew clothes, but I am lacking knowledge to do a good job. After sewing quilts for so many years, any fabric that stretches makes me crazy.

  6. Thanks for sharing your cyclamen photos, beautiful.
    Your top looks good and that's the fun of projects, experimenting, making a few different versions etc.
    You just get better as you go.

  7. Can you sew a new top for me? I just love them all. :-)
    I had two cyclamen, and killed them both. Very sad about it too. What do I do wrong?
    We bought some apples today from NZ, I smiled and thought of you.


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