Friday, 13 July 2018

Here & Now

I have actually been doing other things apart from coat sewing lately, so here's a little rundown of what is happening behind the scenes.

Loving // All the good reads I have had lately from my library.

Eating // Winter comfort food - soups, casseroles, risottos

Drinking // Hot chocolates

Feeling // Very virtuous - I went to my weekly yoga class, then spent a couple of hours in the garden, cutting things back for spring.  I can see where I've been, however there is still  quite a bit more to do, but that's a job for another day now.

Making //  A new felt and embroidery project - this one won't take long, then it's back to my Solstice Dream. Check out that glitter felt !!

Thinking //My tamarillos can't have too much longer to wait  until I can eat them

Dreaming // Of making some summer clothes, I must finish a couple of WIPs before I get distracted again though.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.  Linking to Here & Now at Say Little Hen


  1. The felt project is beautiful Julie! Yum!! So many tamarillos..enjoy them!

  2. I love your stitching I think I say that every time you show your pieces - just so neat. My library had one of the books so I am on a wait list and I purchased one for my kindle - I'm always looking for new to me books

  3. Love the felt project, your stitching is so neat and precise.

  4. Another cute felt project! I have one lined up for when I finish all my other hand stitching and knitting projects!
    On a side note, I was thinking about all your clothes sewing....Would you consider making a page for all the clothes you've made and the links to the patterns, Julie? I really want to explore independent pattern suppliers and your blogposts are such a great resource! Of course, I suppose I could search your 'clothing' labels?

  5. Beautiful work on your project. Yes, the glitter felt looks great.
    Nice embroidery.
    I'll have to research tamarillos, I'm not familiar with them.

  6. I need a book review from you on Fredrik's book!

  7. Lovely photo’s of th things that keep you busy! Love the felt!

  8. Always a joy to see your beautiful embroidery Julie. Reading your post I was reminded that somewhere in the mids of my mental list of things to do is the task of pruning!! I think we are more or less guaranteed one day of sunshine this week but I doubt that will be enough time.

  9. Your embroidery is so beautiful, Julie. I love the leaf! I read The Seven Imperfect Rules of Elvira Carr recently and enjoyed it to. Isn't it great to be able to get such good books from the library! Meg:)

  10. I love seeing your different projects, you’re always up to something exciting!

    Thanks for joining in again Julie :-)


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