Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Quilts to Inspire

I'm at that point in my year, where I am feeling the itch to start a new quilting project.  I've completed three of my wips, and am putting off my others.  There is such a lovely sense of anticipation when you decide on a new quilt, then spend hours perusing your stash, making fabric pulls and maybe purchasing a little more to complete it.

These are few of the inspiring quilts that have caught my eye lately and are tempting me to start something new.  By clicking on the photo captions you will be taken to the maker's blog or Instagram page.

Summer in Torquay by Wendy
I had seen this quilt in Jen Kingwell's Quilt Lovely book, but it hadn't really inspired me until I saw Wendy's version in colours that appealed to me.  I'm thinking my Denyse Schmidt stash would look pretty good in this quilt, though I do love this scrappy version

Spring Fever by Joana
This is another one from Jen Kingwell's book Quilt Lovely.  Again not one I had looked at and thought  'ooh I must make that'.  But when this fresh brighter coloured version popped up in my IG feed, I took another look at the pattern.  This would be a great quilt for all those scraps or even my Liberty stash, do I want to do all that applique though.

Folk Flowers by Amy
This is another quilt that appeared in my IG feed the other day.  Amy actually started this in a workshop with Anna Maria Horner herself  (very envious am I, one day AMH will visit New Zealand).  Anna Maria Horner's Folk Flower quilt has always appealed to me, however I really love the warm muted autumnal colour palette and the softly faded bohemian feel to Amy's version of it.  The flowers are reverse appliqued ( a skill I have yet to learn) but at least it's with a machine.

I also love this version from @geegeemaryanne.

Whimsy - Candied Flowers by Linda
I have loved this since Linda started making it.  The pattern comes from Judy Newman's Book, Quilts for Life made with Love, such a great way to use large floral prints , and I love the secondary pattern these blocks create.

Treats by Tiina
I love the colour in this, the large bold prints and the ombre effect she has created with grey fabrics.  Framed by white, this just speaks to me.  I'm not sure whether I'd have enough bright fabrics in my stash though.

So lots of pretty inspiration, I wonder what I'll end up starting and whether I'll need to buy some new fabrics first .....


  1. So many good inspiration quilts! I am always amazed at how different a quilt can look based on someone's unique choice of fabric print and color!

  2. They are all lovely and inspiring. I like the Folk Flowers quilt a lot! It would be a fun quilt to fussy cut fabric. It will be fun to see what you decide!

  3. Some wonderful inspiration here Julie! Love the 'folk flowers' in this softer palette. And thanks for including my quilt too.

  4. We have such similar tastes Julie! I have toyed with the idea of making all these quilts except the last one! I think I will make "Folk Flowers" with a regular applique technique, when I next need a hand sewing project! Until then I need to finish my knitting and some embroideries I have on the go!

  5. The Folk Flowers is my favorite of these ... totally understand the delightful aspect of anticipation and planning.

  6. You’re so right that different people’s interpretations can make a quilt look quite different. I’m sure which ever you choose will be lovely when you put your own spin on it. Thanks for including my quilt.

  7. Oh well I LOVE them all....where will you start? Will you make them all? Put in a request to live to 300yrs old just to make the quilts on our bucket lists!

  8. Oh you are tempting me with possible new projects!!! Summer in Torquay - childhood holidays spent in that beautiful spot in England - what a way for me to remember happy days. Spring Fever and Folk Flowers I love but fear my hands wouldn't cope with those, yes, Whimsy from Linda is a real beauty and I could see Treats
    by Tina using my KF fabrics! All food for thought . Super post Julie.

  9. So many beautiful quilts!! You have a hard decision to make.


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