Thursday, 11 October 2018

Sewing Small & Scrappy

Lately I've been working on some small pick up and put down pieces.

  • Now that it's nearing Christmas, it's time for my sister and I to make our latest decorations from mmmcrafts, 12 Days of Christmas series.  We have been doing this for the last three years, and make one of each for ourselves and each other. I'm doing the odd numbers and my sister does the even numbers.  This means I get  miniature people to make this round -  drummers drumming and ladies dancing.  They're a little fiddly, and face painting is definitely not my forte, but the finished result is pretty cool.
  • I've also been making 1" hexis.  My sister and I have sent each other lots of 2.5" scraps of fabrics we have used throughout the years on our own quilts.  I keep a pile of fabrics and templates at work, which I make in my lunch break on the Saturdays I'm working, and I have some in a project bag at home for when I want some mindless stitching to do.  No glue basting on these ones.  I'm not sure what they will all end up as, maybe lots of scrappy hexi pillows, or perhaps I'll save them for that scrappy hexi quilt, I contemplated making two years ago.  It's quite interesting to see the similar but differing tastes we have in colour and designers.

What small projects are you making at present?


  1. Wonderful felt and embroidery work, Julie, and that's a great idea to share it with your sister.
    And great hexagon work and fabrics.

  2. Your Xmas deco is stunning,love the idea of swapping fabric with your sister and making hexies, looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

  3. Those are pretty small hexis, but so sweet! And I love your drummer drumming, another special collection!

  4. Always lovely to see what you are working on Julie! Your drummer is very cute with his beads for head and hands and are they toothpicks for his drum sticks? Very nifty!

  5. You look stunning in your kimono jacket, Julie. And this little drummer is adorable.

  6. The drummer boy is so cute, I love him.

  7. Super small projects, what is the size of the drummer boy?

  8. lovely Christmas ornaments. Is the drummer boy made from a wooden peg? There are so many uses for hexagons........enjoy! No small projects here.


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