Sunday, 9 June 2019

Things Here Lately

Winter has well and truly arrived in New Zealand now.  I'm enjoying
  • reading with the fire going.  I'm frantically trying to finish these two books,  as there are too many holds on them, for me to be able to renew them.  I love Frances Mayes' italian travel memoirs, they make me want to pack up and go to Italy, shop, eat and drink, and explore  all the lovely towns and cities she visits.  The Lost Roses is the prequel to The Lilac Girls which I finished and enjoyed a couple of months ago.
  • putting a brightly coloured quilt on my bed for extra warmth, Meeka enjoys this too.  This is my Anna Maria Horner Trellis Garden Quilt I finished last year,  I've decided it needs to be loved and used, not just kept folded up in case it fades, or gets dirty.
  • making a new winter coat - this time its the Oslo Coat from Tessuti Patterns.  The fabric is a deep charcoal wool/rayon, it's all cut out, tailor tacked, notched and interfaced.  Now I just need some time for sewing.
  • the bright splashes of colour from the flowering Vireya and Manuka in my garden.  I really need to get out and cut some things back for winter and plant some flower seedlings in my front garden for some late winter colour.
  • a few minutes time out in the traffic jam I was stuck in on Sunday while taking my daughter to archery.
Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.


  1. It's certainly been good weather - for reading that is! Vireyas always bring a sparkle of colour for us at this time of year and today being sunny they're glowing.

  2. I put myself on the wait list for the Martha Hall Kelly books thanks for the suggestion after seeing all the clothing that you make I have decided to try to make a shirt - sleeveless, I used to make clothing but haven't in some times

  3. Enjoy your winter as we head into summer. The flowers are so beautiful! Yes! Use the quilt!

  4. Your winter flowers are amazing!
    The coat will be beautiful, great project.

  5. Your garden must be lovely! The manuka, which I know as a tea tree, was especially a favourite of mine at a child. It is not seen in Australian gardens very often. Happy reading!

  6. Hi,
    I am reading The Lost Roses too. I am at the 1/2 way mark. I will say I liked Lilac Girls better.

  7. Wonderful post, that is the best kind of traffic jam to be caught in.


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