Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Taking Stock

I haven't done one of these posts for awhile, and sometimes I think it's quite nice to have a little overview of the things I'm doing and liking, not just the big finishes. For the inspiration for this list check out Pip's lovely blog, Meet Me at Mikes.

Making: a sea-glass pendant,  I pulled out my old jewellery making tools and wire, watched a couple of tutorials and had a play,  Not perfect, but definitely wearable.

Cooking: lots of new dishes from some new cookbooks I treated myself to.

Sipping: lots of cold drinks - mainly water, but I am enjoying an icy cold G &T in the evenings

Reading: all the time.  Lately I have enjoyed these books.

Looking: forward to my weekly yoga classes starting up again this Wednesday after a long Christmas/New Year break.

Listening:  to Mr J practicing his electric guitar - lots of hard rock and what his tutor terms as dad rock.  Most of it I like.

Enjoying: the antics of Meeka

Eating:  cherry tomatoes from my garden

Loving: my dahlias, even though they are now suffering from the excessive heat, lack of water  (we have to pay for water usage, so unfortunately I do have to make some sacrifices over summer)and mildew.

Buying: back to school supplies, and always groceries for the teens.

Watching: Little Women at the movies the other day - beautifully filmed, such a nice movie to wile away a couple of hours in air conditioned comfort.

Hoping: it rains where it's really needed in Australia and New Zealand, without causing more flooding and damage.

Needing:  to finish attaching the joining pieces to my Ice Cream Soda blossoms - I only have 27 to go, so in theory, I could get them finished by the end of February, if I get motivated enough, then I can start joining the actual blossoms together.

Wearing: as little as possible while still staying decently dressed - it's hot!  My linen dresses are on high rotation, as is a new Ogden cami I made from some rayon scraps. I made this one a size up from my first attempt a couple of years ago and am much happier with the fit.

Getting: just a little excited for our family holiday over Easter at Hahei Beach, I'm really needing some vitamin sea, and we're going to take Miss J and Mr B to Cathedral Cove for the first time, one of my favourite places.

Bookmarking: recipes in my new cookbooks

Coveting: lots of the dahlias I see for sale, I could go quite mad with purchasing tubers for next year, but I only have a limited space and water supply for them.

Feeling: Hot, it is summer in New Zealand finally.

Hearing: cicadas during the day and crickets in the evening - signs of summer.


If you'd like to Take Stock too, copy and paste the prompts below onto your blog, and pick the ones you want to complete.



  1. I always enjoy these kind of blogs and saw the original post over at Meet Me at Mike's too. We have to pay for our water usage in England too and when the weather is not (not that often) watering the garden is actually banned and you could be fined, the only water you are allowed outside then is any from washing up or that you have collected previously in barrels.I always like to see what other people are reading and also cookery book recommendations. x

  2. Fun read! I'm wondering about the cookbook author who I've not seen in the states. I see that her 'Easy Week Night Meals' is available here. What do you like about her recipes/cooking style?

    1. I like her recipes because each one is a complete meal - there is the meat component and all accompanying sides. Maximum flavour, easy preparation.

  3. I always have enjoyed these posts. Thank you for sharing Julie.

  4. Such an interesting post Julie!, lots to see and read. Where to start - garden, yes I think we're all having plants and vegetables suffering in this heat but your tomatoes look delicious. My zucchini plants are now covered in mildew and I've missed picking for a few days and have gigantic marrows! I can see the paper markers in your new Nadia Lim cookbooks, she has good recipes. Have to say how nice to see Meeka again and up to mischief!
    Hope we have more of these posts from you, they're so enjoyable.


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