Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Melody Dolman Shirt

Christmas 2019, when my sister and her family were over from Australia, we decided that Christmas 2020 we would have a loud/crazy shirt theme when we were all together.  Well we all know that didn't happen, so we have decided to optimistically make it the theme for Christmas 2021. 

I had always intended buying a shirt, but when I visited Fab Fabrics in Botany they had a rayon remnant that kept catching my eye.  Not something I would normally pick to wear, but I loved the colours in the print.

I looked through a few pattern books, but it is actually really hard to find a plain button up shirt pattern these days, and Spotlight doesn't always have what you want, if you find a style you like.  Fortuitously, Love Notions Patterns were having a new year sale and in their promo, I saw a picture of a shirt I liked, that actually looked relatively easy to make. The Melody dolman shirt pattern was downloaded and assembled, rayon prewashed, stretched and ironed for easier cutting, and sewing began.

It was an easy make too.  My first set in collar, and enclosed facing for for the fronts, and fold over cuffs too. Not having to set in sleeves certainly added to the enjoyment of sewing this. I sewed the size small with no alterations, I was worried it maybe to short for me cos I'm a little taller than the height it's drafted for, but am glad I didn't add any length to it. I think I'll make another version at some point too, that will be a more useful addition to my wardrobe.

I now have a fun casual summer shirt, (which when worn in the setting of my garden is really the latest thing in garden camouflage wear), ready for a work picnic and hopefully a big family Christmas this year.


  1. Your shirt took me straight back to when Bob & I had a wee holiday over in Hawaii, perfect for those hot summer nights!

  2. It is a long looking shirt. Seems to buck the trend of cropped versions at the moment... it's nice to have things with a bit of length sometimes and the tied arrangement gives an alternative look.


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