Friday, 22 January 2021

Suki Robe

On the weekends I'm not working or required to have an early start, I enjoy a lazy morning in my pj's and robe.  This year I decided I need a new summer weight robe. 

It is actually very hard to find patterns for this type of garment now, but I found there were some indie designers online who have some.  The main thing I wanted was not too wide a sleeve nor at oo oversized robe.  After perusing the options available, reading blogs and looking at the various hashtags on Instagram, I decided on the Suki robe from Helens Closet. I liked the fact that it didn't look too voluminous and that the sleeves weren't too long and wide. I purchased a beautiful linen/flax/viscose floral blend fabric for the main robe and a contrasting linen for the bands from Spotlight in their recent 40% off sale.

Again I used the layers option for printing out only the size I needed (I have been asking myself, why was I scared to try this function on patterns).  Based on my measurements I made the 8-10 size in the longer length,  I am a little taller than the height it is drafted for, but didn't worry about adding any extra length to it.  Wanting to give it a touch of luxury, I decided to do french seams on all the seams too, and am glad I did, the fabric frayed easily, so hopefully they'll last well. I also used the fabulous french seams on pockets tutorial from In the Folds, incorporating these instructions into the actual robe instructions.  Yes, this robe has in seam pockets, inner ties to hold it closed and belt loops too. The only area I had trouble with was the pivoted corners of the front bands.  I am not sure how these will hold, but have done a couple of rows of top stitching either side of the seam to reinforce it. Should I make this again,  I would probably extend the contrast band right down the front of the robe.

Overall I am really pleased with how this has turned out, and am intending to take it on my  upcoming camping holiday too, so I present a picture of respectability when I'm sitting outside my tent having my morning cuppa.



  1. I had not really absorbed the fact that the bands only went a little way down until you mentioned it - I can understand wanting to just carry the bands to the bottom. This has turned out terrific Julie - you will be the flashest camper on site, not the flasher!! :o)

  2. What a delightful garment you have made yourself Julie. The colour is gorgeous on you! You will certainly be the talk of the camp ground, for all the right reasons!

  3. Your new robe looks great and you look so comfortable reclining in the robe, feet up and a cuppa in your hand!


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