Sunday, 20 June 2021

The Joy of Small Hand Sewing Projects


Kismet Kiss Quilt

Fresh Cut

Groove is in the Heart

Most winter evenings after I've finished dinner, the housework and various other domestic duties, I like to sit down in a comfy chair with either a book or a handsewing project. I have a few in progress at present: ( Fresh Cut - a wool felt and embroidery project, Kismet Kiss - my new epp project, Groove is in the Heart Quilt )  but have been thinking about why I prefer to work on some and others not so much.

I've decided that I'm not enamored with my Fresh Cut applique/embroidery project.  While I love the look of the finished ones I've seen, and using wool felt, the beautiful threads and making fancy stitches,  I am not enjoying making mine.  Perhaps it's because I'm doing it on fabric rather than a  felt background, and I don't like the fluff from the parlan fusible batting attached to it coming through the fabric.  It could also be because the blocks are large, my last couple of felt applique projects have had small blocks, which make it much easier to have a portable easy to work on handsewn project. Also sewing on black is hard, even more so if your eyesight is not great.  

I think this is why I really enjoy English Paper piecing.  Yes it takes me forever to select the fabric combinations for the blocks, but the pieces are small and easy to sew, and they don't take up as much room if I'm taking them somewhere as a portable project.  It's an easy project to stop and start, I can baste a lot of pieces ready to stitch, and I know that it will be a long term project anyway.

My Groove is in the Hearts quilt is also an easy to sew small hand sewing project, each heart half fits into a magazine, or manila folder which keeps it flat.  I've taken tis project away on holiday, a few times and  They are quite quick and simple to make and I see results quickly.

Unfortunately I think my Fresh Cut Quilt may be packed away for a while (read forseeable future) while I continue to enjoy smaller and more manageable projects.


  1. All three projects look bright and Happy. I too am a hand patch worker. Most of the folk in my current group think I'm crazy as they do machine quilting. It is so rewarding, even though somewhat slow, and so very portable.

  2. I love all three projects. Always enjoy seeing what you are creating. The Fresh cut sings to me but it's not worth it if you don't love the process. Your work in amazing! Love hearing about your life 1/2 way around the world. I am in Virginia USA and it's HOT. I too love gardening, sewing and hikings. Off to kayak and camp on a near by river.

  3. I can see why you enjoy these hand piecing projects, different but all so pretty! How big are the 'kismet kiss' blocks?

  4. I'm sure you will return to your Fresh Cut quilt, when the time is right! All your projects are lovely, it is hard to pick a favourite. Happy sewing!

  5. Loving your Kismet Kiss and Groove is in the Heart quilt, I also think Fresh Cut looks beautiful but very fiddly, I can see why this one is taking a rest!


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