Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Burda Style - Faux Wrap Dress


When I received the February 2021 issue of Burda Style, I was immediately drawn to the pattern for this  faux wrap dress.  I have kept it in the back of my mind, until I found a suitable fabric.  When I saw this printed rayon from The Fabric Shop in Otara, I told the teens to buy it for me as an early birthday present, so I could get it sewn up whilst still in lockdown.

Based on my hip and bust measurements, I made my usual size 38.  I do feel I could have perhaps sized down for the skirt, because the there seemed to be an excess of fabric in the front.  Because the fabric frayed easily, I used French seams where I could, including on the waistline.  This was fortuitous, because it gave me a nice flat firm seam on the back, to sew a length of elastic onto, which helps pull the fabric to the back, instead of sliding around to the front.  It's not a dress for lifting ones arms up high in, but perfectly suitable for wining and dining.

I had a few dilemmas over hem length, and after posting a question to my Instagram story, the general consensus was shorter than the pattern suggested, which I have done.

Overall, I am pleased with the dress, I have possibly lost some of the wrap and tie detailing because of the patterned fabric, but I think that this is a dress I can wear casually or for  more dressy occasions.

Pattern details: Burda Style 101/022021
Fabric - rayon


  1. It looks lovely Julie and definitely one of those dresses you can dress up or down and wear for all occasions.

  2. Very swish Julie!! Looks to be a heck of a comfortable dress, perfect for Smmer.

  3. Some lovely photos Julie. Great dress, and amazing fabric too... now we all need somewhere to go!

  4. Gorgeous Julie. I wish I had your mojo to make some clothes. haha:) although I am busy knitting. The fabric is perfect for the style.

  5. Where do you get your Burda Style books from? I used to spend many an hour pondering which patterns to combine and make into capsules (like about 100 years ago 🤣).


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