Monday 1 July 2024

Weekending - Hiking to the Motutapere Hut


Back in June, The Scout and I embarked on a wee hiking adventure to Motutapere Hut in the Kaimai Ranges.  
We started at the Hot Springs Road end of the Tuahu track, then went left at the junction on the North/South track to the hut.  The track itself is an 11km return trip, with the Tuahu being relatively flat and not too hard.  This all changes dramatically, once you start on the north/South track.  There were short steep uphill sections, and short steep downhills, always mud,  rough steps, rock cliff faces to clamber up, and ladders/staircases attached to rocks.  There were times when I thought the strong winds were going to blow me over.   It was definitely a challenge and a little outside my comfort zone. When we got to the little unbookable three bunk hut, we found there were 6 people there already.  Thankfully we had our small tent, so while we spent a cold rather sleepless night in it, we were dry.

The return track was just as hard, and I have to admit, sometimes I did it easier to sit down and slide down certain areas, rather than risk falling. .  Definitely worth doing for the great views out to the Bay of Plenty coast.

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  1. Looks like some beautiful scenery was the reward for the hard work. Beautiful walk.


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