Tuesday 23 April 2024

Simplicity 8014 - A Shirtdress


A little while ago I feel in love with this ready to wear shirtdress.  I loved seeing how they styled it, options I had never thought of doing with such a dress.  Unfortunately the price of the dress put it way out of my range,  So imagine my delight when I saw the exact same fabric available at a local fabric shop. I duly purchased a decent amount of the fabric, and put it aside until I found a pattern similar enough to make my version of the dress.

Simplicity 8014 (s8014) was the pattern I chose. It has 4 different options.  I chose version A.

 I did make a toile for the bodice to ensure it would fit, and then started cutting out the pieces.  I struggled with collar and collar stand, I could not for the life of me get them to fit the bodice neckline.  In the end I cut a size smaller for these two pieces.  I have since read that a lot of other makers have experienced similar problems with this aspect of the pattern .  The rest of the dress was relatively easy from this point on.  I decided to French seam all the seams, for a tidier finish as I wished to wear the dress open as a duster coat sometimes. I omitted the bodice pockets and altered the cuffs of the sleeves to more resemble the ready to wear version.

Overall I'm happy with how it has turned out.  I feel should I ever make this pattern again, I would narrow the actual collar, its quite large or make the collarless version.  I have worn it to work as a coat, styled with my jeans and a tee, and received many positive compliments, so I'm taking it a success.

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  1. Love, love, love this dress!! It's just so flattering. Great job!


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