Friday, 31 January 2014

Scenes from my Week

From my book pile:
  • a fabulous pile of gardening, crafting, inspirational homes, creative people and their kitchens and studios
From the Auckland Wintergardens
  • beautiful oriental lillies - there would gave been a few more photos, but my camera went flat
From the garden
  • passionfruit slowly starting to ripen
From the kitchen:
  • a cheerful vegetable platter, served with chicken nibbles and peanut dipping sauce.  This was a big hit with my children, the yellow vegetable is actually potato chunks cooked in turmeric and ginger.
From my sewing room:
  • a finished pouch - lined with vintage sheeting that echos the trellis design on the yellow fabric. A little pincushion  for my partner too, cos she likes pansies.  I paper-pieced this log cabin because I always have trouble getting it to look even.  Worked well, the only advice I would give anyone making their own template is not to use a Frixion pen,  when I ironed the seams, my template disappeared.  Luckily it was on graph paper and easy to draw back.
This weekend is the last of the holidays - school starts again on Monday for both Miss B and Mr J.  We also celebrate Mr J's birthday on Sunday.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.


  1. Those veggies look beautiful. I have a big stack of books next to my bed, too. I got a few for my birthday. I started to read "Eleanor & Park" it's really, really good. Are you planning a trip to England? That's one of my favorite places to visit.

    1. Oh I wish I was planning a trip to England. I just enjoy looking at a lot of place I have read about in different books. Will check out your book recommendation too.

  2. That vintage sheet lining is pretty cool! Both your pouch and your cushion are gorgeous!

  3. Your food is making me hungry....
    Lovely scenes from you reek.

  4. Love your book list, I could do with them on my bedside table!!!!


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