Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 - A New Year

So 2013 is now history, and I have a new year to start a fresh with.  Things will be different for me this year, I will be a working mum and wife - at this point I am unsure as to how many hours per week, because it is casual work, but hopefully it will be enough to bring a little extra income in,  and I will still have time to do the things I enjoy and be there for my family.

I haven't set myself any personal goals or resolutions this year, however I do have a few sewing/crafting goals I want to achieve:
  • to make my son's recycled shirt quilt - in time for his 11th birthday in February 2015
  • to finish my Jacobs Ladder Quilt - that I started in December 2013
  • to bind my place mats started last year, so we can actually use them this year
  • to make as many birthday and Christmas gifts as I can
  • to participate in a couple of Flickr swaps which challenge my sewing skills (at least a little bit)
  • to learn to knit in the round (this is carried over from last year)
What goals have you set yourself this year?


  1. Happy New Year Julie!! What a gorgeous array of fabric. Like your list of things to do this year ... good luck!!

  2. Happy New Year! My crafty goal for the year is to get over my fear of trying FMQ :-)

  3. Happy New Year to you Julie! Hope this year works out we'll for you with the balance of work/life goes smoothly for you. I have a big goal this year of getting my upholstery business up and running.

  4. Hey Julie, Happy New Year! I hope you're new job is going well. I love the fabric in the first shot. I have several resolutions, too - finish a sweater I started a year ago and challenge myself with more difficult quilting patterns. I hope we can both reach some of our goals. (You will pick up knitting in the round fairly quickly, I think.)


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