Sunday, 19 January 2014


 A relaxing weekend at home, spending time doing things I enjoy:  There was
  • some card making
  • harvesting my first baby beets and then using them in this delicious Russian potato salad. This recipe has been on my "try one day" list for a while.  Well worth making, it was devoured by my family.
  • using up some of my surplus cucumber and making  my favourite Bread and Butter pickles.  I doubled the recipe cos I had so many cucumbers.
  • lots of paper pieced sewing - envelopes for the SWAK swap group on Flickr.  These are very easy to do.  The pattern is from this book
What did you create/cook this weekend?


  1. I have that book and would like to make that wall hanging for Valentines Day to put the kids' valentines in. It looks like a fun block! I love pretty paper and card making; looks like you must have made some pretty cards.

  2. Yummy! Love your envelope blocks - they look adorable.

  3. The envelopes are gorgeous and the pickles look great.

  4. Great work Julie - you've been so busy! Eating at your house must be better than most restaurants. :-)

  5. Cool envelope blocks! I'm going to look them up right now - thanks for sharing!


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