Monday, 13 January 2014


Enjoying the fresh vegetables from my garden
  • mini Lebanese cucumbers - I think I have another five to pick later this week
  • the first of my sweet 100 cherry tomatoes
  • zucchini - another couple to pick later in the week also
  • the never ending supply of green beans
My corn is just about ready to start to pick and I have beetroot that will need to be turned into chutney and chocolate beetroot cake soon.

What do you do with surplus vegetables?


  1. You are further ahead than we are in the south island. I've had tomatoes (i a glasshouse) for a few weeks, and my first cucumber, but corn is about a month away. My zucchini are just starting - but should have been ready a while ago. I have two good sized freezers - surplus produce goes in there. Before Xmas it was filled with peas from our paddocks for Watties (well those I didn't eat raw). I'm a bit lazy to pickle, but must try a zucchini chocolate cake this year. Those vege look yummy - well done!

  2. Hey Julie - those veggies look wonderful and yummy. I usually make a salsa or a stir-fry with any extra veggies that we have. I also love zucchini bread for any extra zucchini lucking about - which there usually is.


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