Friday, 10 April 2015

Scenes from my Week

From the garden
  • Cosmos overload, these paler ones didn't do so well over summer, I think it was just too hot where they were planted, but they seem to have revived themselves this autumn.
From Miss B's hands
  • they were doing henna painting at the library yesterday, the henna had to be left on for two hours before we could remove it.  Must remember to get this done on both hands when I don't want to cook or clean - perfect excuse.
From my coffee table
  • my hexi project and the latest book I have been enjoying - not so much an autobiography, rather lots of gorgeous photos, memories and anecdotes.
  • the hand quilting is my pick up and put down project in the late afternoon or evenings.
Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Back in my old life in the UK I owned and ran a preschool, we had some great mums and some of those mums on certain celebrations such as Eid etc, they would bring on lovely foods and paint ours and the children's hands, I love the designs they did. Makes we want to find someone to paint my again :D Annnnnd guess what? I bought some hexagon papers at the quilt shop today... so I'm committed now.

  2. Your hexi project is so pretty!!! I am loving those fabrics you have going for this one Julie! So incredible!!! And those cosmos made me smile! They too are stunning...makes me excited for my garden and whats to come!!! Super fun that your daughter was able to get a henna painting on her hand! Looks lovely by you my friend! Here is to a wonderful weekend! Nicole xoxo and seriously thank you for helping me with my email commenting has been such a relief to know that it works now!!!

  3. Gosh, wish our cosmos had been that good this year. I see the Grandmother's bonnets are Making a move to take over from where our cosmos used to be. Love the henna idea. Wish we had some painters here.

  4. Beautiful Cosmo's! Love the hexagon project, looks pretty.

  5. The cosmos are fabulous aren't they. I would love to read that book! Good luck with all the wip's that you listed in your previous post! xx

  6. those flowers are amazing! They almost look like they are made of paper... so pretty!

  7. Hi,
    I love the flowers!! Beautiful
    And I like your idea about getting out of cleaning and cooking.

  8. Lovely post, only one of our planted Cosmos survived (cowshed garden doen's get loved quite so much) and it looked pretty straggly by itself! Your hexies are pretty.


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