Monday, 6 June 2016

Queen's Birthday Weekending

A long weekend.  It was fine, but cold in the mornings!  The Scout, Miss B and Mr J were away camping, so it was all about me.
  • I baked - Confetti Cookies
  • I gardened 
  • I  started mowing lawns then broke the lawn mower!!
  • I cut fabric - all ready for a quilt top
  • I sewed fabric back together - the most simple quilt top ever!  I should have ironed it before I took the photo though. The very top piece of fabric is a baby blue not white.
  • I  finished one book, and started another.
  • I made an infinity scarf from this beautiful Nani IRO double gauze my friend Melanie gave me
  • I  was going to watch a movie, but couldn't get the TV to work, (Mr J needs to fix something for me) so I made the backing for my Liberty Bloomsbury quilt.  I had forgotten how big it is, basting and quilting it is quite a daunting thought.
  • I made a Key Lime Pie
Think I need another weekend to relax now.


  1. The biscuits look yummy! pretty scarf. What an action packed weekend with the lawnmower and TV break down!

  2. Love the scarf, what a beautiful accessory.

  3. Beautiful scarf on a very beautiful lady.
    Lawnmower break down. I use to have that happen to me. I got so tired of it, I decided to go the old fashioned way, back to a reel mower.

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely ME time Julie. I like that time. :-)
    If you email me with your email address I can send you info about the retreat if you're still interested. You are a No-replyer on your blog. :-)

  5. you and your scarf look lovely :)

  6. Did you enjoy 'black rabbit hall'? Love the Nani iro fabric, I have a piece of it too that I got in Wellington sometime ago.

  7. Oh I love all those blues together - what a great idea for a quick quilt top!


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