Thursday, 10 August 2017

Here & Now

Loving // this beautiful pink Rhododendron flowering in a neighbour's garden (I wasn't the only one either)

Eating // Warm and nourishing home made soups - this one is Lentil, Cumin and Silverbeet - recipe here

Drinking // Tea - Earl Grey, Dilmah's Rose and French Vanilla, Peppermint

Feeling // inspired by this blog post a friend sent me to read, and thinking I might try it for some of my EPP blocks.

Making // a longer arrow block for Miss B's quilt (a little wonky I know, and goodness knows how since it was paper pieced, but I'm going to try and embrace the imperfections, and I really can't be bothered unpicking it all).  Another Ice cream soda block, this time with a repurposed vintage embroidered tray cloth and Liberty, check out those tiny bullion knots that make the flowers.

Thinking // about making 'meat free Mondays'  a regular occurrence in my home

Dreaming // of summer fruits (my sister is gloating about how cheap strawberries are in Brisbane at present).

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  1. The Rhododendron is a show stopper. Was the soup nice? I like how you have added some antique linens to you EPP blocks, super idea! Loving that arrow head, is it foundation paper pieced?

  2. I love that pieced arrow, looks perfect to me :)

  3. I have a good friend who does Meatless Monday every week. Love your pieced unstitching required in my opinion!

  4. Loving that pretty touch of upcycling in your icecreamsoda block!

    1. p.s. isn't there a book somewhere called 'meatless mondays'?

  5. What a stunning rhododendron! I'm sure it's much admired. Sweet stitching.

  6. Such a beautiful rhododendron - wish I had this one in my garden. Julie I love the idea of using a piece of embroidery in your Ice Cream Soda blocks, so different! Meat free Mondays is an excellent idea, goes well with your Feed Yourself Fridays!

  7. What a beautiful garden your neighbour has? Aren't they the prettiest pink?!

  8. Hi Julie! Your piecework is beautiful. I love the arrow piece.

  9. Julie, oh my gosh what truly amazing photos. I love your rhododendron, it's beautiful. Ours down here are no where near blooming yet. Mind you today was a true spring day, so lovely to be out in.

  10. I really like how your improv quilt is progressing - I think you have inspired me. Oh dear... what's another project???

  11. Those flowers are gorgeous Julie - both the real ones and that lovely embroidery!
    I'm enjoying less and less meat in my meals lately; it seems to make cooking much less work as I don't have to be as organised if it's meat free, and it also doesn't make as much less. Plus, I really enjoy meals that do have meat in them now rather than it just being an everyday thing :-)

    Sarah x

  12. I absolutely ADORE those pretty little stitches on your EPP block! Simply can't say love enough!

  13. Just catching up now with the here & now I missed, lovely to pop in here and see you beautiful photos and patchwork. So very pretty! Meg:)


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