Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Scenes from my Week

I'm still adjusting to my new work timetable, so while I may not be as frequent at posting blogs, I am not planning on disappearing, just getting the work/home/me time balance sorted.  So here's a little bit of what's been happening the past few days
  • Miniature cyclamen still flowering in my garden, they are nice and sheltered, so flower from early autumn on.
  • Flowers from The Scout, given to me after a bit of a down week at work. Every time I walk into my dining room, they make me smile
  • Meat free Monday is definitely happening in my home and without to much grumbling from the family either.  This week it was Moroccan Red Lentil and Chick Pea burgers - recipe from here.  Also I have decided to stop my Cook the Books posts, I'll still link to recipes and show photos of some of my baking or more interesting meals, just not in a separate post.
  • More ice cream soda blocks - little bits get done during lunch breaks, or while waiting in the car during Miss B's archery sessions.
  • My current reading pile - lots of different genres and themes, some for the book club I am co-hosting at work, so I really need to crack into them.
Hope you are all having a fabulous week.


  1. Getting the balance right is tricky isn't it! Hope you can figure it out for you. Beautiful flowers!

  2. I hope this week is looking brighter for you. It's good you are giving yourself time to adjust to your work timetable. Those flowers from your hubby sound like they are working. Cute little block with the fussy cut frogs! Happy times reading.

  3. Hi Julie, beautiful photos and so cheerful. The flowers are lovely as are your fussy cut blocks. Thats a great pile of books to keep you happily reading.
    Its certainly hard work trying to get everything in balance when working and it can take a bit of time but don't rush it.

  4. I see in your stack of books one on Yoga for Osteoporosis is it good and does it cover rather easy moves?

  5. What a lovely post! That cyclamen is so pretty. Interesting meal?! Love the frog fabric in your block. Looks like interesting reading. Hope your work/life balance improves soon.

  6. Lovely flowers, lovely food, beautiful Ice Cream Soda blocks - you mustn't be too far from the finish line, and a good sized stack of books - Perfect!

  7. I always enjoy your scenes from your week.
    Sending a hug for the hard week at work. The flowers make me smile too.

  8. Beautiful flowers, the cyclamen flowers are a great colour. Beautiful blocks you have made, love the little paua shell on the shelf. Some varied reading in store for you.

  9. craft, books, yummy food and flowers equals perfection to me. Home/work balance is important - take it slowly and enjoy.


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