Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Sew, Stitch, Snap, Share

Lacey at the Circus, one of my Mother in law's award winning dolls
Another project knocked off my to do list.

My MIL (a porcelain doll maker) asked me to make an ironing caddy/portable ironing mat for another doll making friend of hers.  I had made my MIL one a few years ago, that she takes to  doll classes/conventions/competitions with a mini iron in it.  Of course I said yes.  She purchased the fabric and notions required and then posted them to me.  I duly procrastinated on starting it.  It is hard to sew for other people when the fabrics aren't what you would pick yourself

Last week I finally started working on it, a little bit here and there. The part that took the longest was actually marking out all the measurements for stitching.  I used a white colour pencil for this, all my other fabric markers didn't show up on the heat resistant fabric.  Over the weekend just gone, I finished the machine sewing and then was able to work on the binding and buttons in the evenings.

I haven't included a photo of the caddy unfolded,  it was very hard to photograph silvery fabric and get a decent photo.

My "must makes" for other people are done, so now I can get back to my never ending wip list.

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  1. That's beautiful work, Julie. Your MIL's friend will enjoy that!
    Cute doll too.
    Thanks for hosting Sew Snap Share.

  2. Cutesie little bag, perfect fabric for the job too.

  3. I never would have thought that there exists something like an ironing caddy/bag! You did a great job, considering you didn’t pick the fabrics yourself! It’s cute!

  4. Gorgeous bag Julie! Your finishing is impeccable!

  5. Hi Julie wow,lovely project,well done xx

  6. Your caddy looks super, even if not in your style of fabrics, and it was super nice of you to make one for your mil's friend!! I'm thinking I might need to make one for my 8 yr old who loves to iron. Every time we help someone decorate for an occasion that might require tablecloths, she asks, "Should I bring my iron??" Even though the ironing portion wouldn't be useful in *those* situations, she could at least transport her iron in style...
    (congrats to your MiL on her award!)
    Happy making all the things ~ Tracy

  7. I have the same caddy pattern..when I bought it I really needed it but now the need for a caddy isn't there - oh well... yours turned out great, even if you weren't in love with the fabric :-) Your MIL's doll is gorgeous - she has real personality. (Had hoped to link up but I don't think it's going to time maybe.)

  8. It is very hard to sew for other people, but you did a great job with it!


  9. Some quilt groups here in Finland have been sewing those ironing mats too. It looks very handy!

  10. That's such a good idea - I've never seen one before! Lovely fabric Julie.

  11. Great work! So funny about the colours. I too find it difficult to work with colours that don't "call " to me. When I saw the first photos I immediately thought "That's unusual for Julie". As per usual you have turned out a very sharp result. I'm sure the caddy will be much appreciated.

  12. Oh, cool. You might not like the fabrics, but it turned out really cute. And what a handy set-up. I should do one for myself. Thanks for including the pattern in the pics. :)


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