Sunday, 27 August 2017


The past week has felt like spring is on her way.  We have had beautifully fine if somewhat cooler days.  Yesterday I repotted some pot plants, weeded the vegetable garden in anticipation of the compost I 'll be digging in soon, and had two loads of washing blowing in the breezey sunshine on the clothes line.

Here's a rundown of the pretty parts of my weekend though.

  •  Black Velvet Cake - recipe from this beautiful book and also found here.  This smelled divine as the stout, butter, chocolate and cocoa gently heated and melded together. The cake itself was delicious, very rich, so pieces smaller than what are cut are in order.  
  • Binding a wee project for my MIL - more about this in Wednesday's Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE
  • Some more ice cream soda blocks
  • The Chosen Few by Gregg Zoraya.  This is a true story about a platoon fighting in Afghanistan, it read like fiction, I couldn't put it down.  Such a heartbreaking read though, and such courageous young men.
Some beautiful, new to me blogs:
Hoping you have all had a fabulous weekend too.  See you next week.


  1. looks like a tasty and entertaining weekend in many ways.

  2. The cake looks and sounds delicious! Very beautiful EPP block - looking so much like ice cream soda :-) It's always nice to discover new blogs - I'm off to have a look at what you've found. Happy Monday!

  3. Bet you don't have too much of that cake left by now! Love the cover on the cookery book, and the fussy cutting in your blocks. Now, the book looks interesting so perhaps a visit to the library will be on the list for this week.

  4. Love you 2nd EPP block, very pretty! And yes, the cake looks yummy... some people around here are going 'dairyfree' at present, makes baking tricky.

  5. Your MIL's secret sewing project looks intriguing! And your latest Iceceam Soda block is very pretty! Stay warm, it doesn't seem to be getting any warmer here!

  6. Hi Julie - thank you SO much for including my blog in your blog post. I can feel that autumn is on its way here - last night got dark very early!

  7. Are the soldiers NZ soldiers in the story The Chosen Few?
    My sister has read many stories about US soldiers and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. American Sniper was one she read.


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