Sunday, 25 August 2013


The Scout and Miss B both managed to get to their winter camp - I am expecting them home soon, no doubt cold and with lots of wet and dirty washing for me.  I suspect The Scout will enjoy sleeping in a bed tonight - he and a few of the scouts were roughing it in a bivouac this weekend. Hopefully they didn't experience the huge thunderstorm we did in Auckland.
Mr J and I had a lazy weekend at home.  I am enjoying a bunch of Erlicheer,  purchased as a little treat for myself,  I love the scent of these.  I went to my local fabric shop and had an enjoyable rummage through their scrap chest for low volume quilting scraps, which have been sewn into the backing for my Paletina Pllow. 
I have quilted around all the crosses and now have to blanket stitch them on properly.
Other weekend treats - watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Saturday night, - I have read a few of the books this series is based on, but will have to read the rest I think. Starting the latest Phillipa Gregory novel - The White Princess.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Hi Julie: I like the way your top shots of the flowers tie in with the templates of your quilt. It's winter where you are and high summer here. It looks like you had a productive weekend. Thanks!


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