Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Reading and Dreaming

Currently on my bedside table, there is a lovely pile of reading. I have just started Mrs Lincoln's Rival, the latest from Jennifer Chiaverini. Set just before and during the time Mrs Lincoln's Dressmaker, it is an interesting read about the election of President Lincoln, the  Civil War, and the rivalry between Mrs Lincoln and Kate Chase Sprague, whom the Washington Star declared "the most brilliant woman of her day. None outshone her".

And in the dreaming pile is the Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel Collection.  This book reviews luxurious boutique hotels around the world.  The one I am reading is for South-East Asia, and I tell you, if I had the means I would be packing my bag and heading off to some of these  hidden away places in Cambodia, Bali or Vietnam. Most rooms/villas seem to have private infinity pools and personal butlers.  There are luxurious spa treatments and lavish complementary toiletries.  Luckily I have discovered that my library has a few more of these books for various other parts of the world, so I shall be requesting them too, and vicariously experiencing how the rich and famous holiday at these fabulous places.

What are you reading at present?
Where are you dreaming of escaping too?


  1. Yes that would do for me too.....much better than being towed off yellow lines and your clutch going.....Nice to dream though..

  2. I must try some of the books by Jennifer Chiaverini. I've just bought a portable MP3 player and have been downloading books from the ChCh library website to listen to while gardening. I'm listening to 'The Aviator's Wife' about Anne Morrow Lindbergh. It's very interesting, and not at all flattering for her husband.
    Isn't it great to dream about all the places we'd like to travel to. I've been through Europe on my OE but would love to go to the USA. One day... maybe I can convince the husband to go on a farm trip. :-)


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