Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sew Sweet Swap

Recently I took part in the Sew Sweet Swap.  I was paired up with Linda from Razzle Dazzle Quilter.  Her pouch was yellow and pink, two of her favourite colours.  I also made her a little pincushion with pansy fabric - one of her favourite flowers.  Whittakers dark chocolate,  coffee sticks, and a card  made to match her pouch were sent..

Yesterday I received my package - needless to say I was absolutely blown away by her generosity.  Beautiful flavoured teas, jaffas, chocolates, washi tape and a some gorgeous sewing.  My pouch features a snap top opening rather than a zip - something I will have to try out.  There was also a mug rug and a lovely little pouch for tea bags, great for putting in your handbag.

Thank you so much Linda and thanks Cat for organising this swap.


  1. They are both beautiful - well done for all the hard work! I'm going to have to join one of these 'sweet swaps' one day too!

  2. I'm loving these swaps. I love the pouch you have made. the generosity of bloggers is amazing xo

  3. Swaps are great fun, and such lovely kindness from fellow bloggers.

  4. Hi Julie, just also wanted to say re; your comment on my blog I'm totally with you on the sugar and cream combo on porridge.

  5. What an amazing swap I so wish I could sew so beautifully x


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