Monday 10 November 2014


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  • Zinnias - I remember them growing in my Gran's garden when I was young.  I didn't like them much, cos they used to get caterpillars on them.  Now I adore them.  The rich vibrant jewel toned flowers. This year I want to be able to put bunches like this in my house.  So I am planning a space in my garden for some plants.

Photo from:MassimoCrisafi/GuardianWitness

  • The amazing poppy display at the Tower of London, commemorating the lives lost in World War One.

  • Strawberry season - unfortunately these are not from my garden, it hasn't stopped me from enjoying them though.

Photo from: Cuisine Magazine

  • The look of this Christmas Pavlova, if  I'm on dessert duty for Christmas Day, this may be what I make.

  • The perfect excuse for not getting my housework done.
Photo from Clothwork
  •  Actually loving, this bag made by the very talented Melissa


  1. Beautiful likes, my favourite was the poppies. I wish I had been able to visit.

  2. Pavlova is just about my all time favourite dessert!! xx

  3. OH such glorious inspiration here pal! That cake is awesome! As is that bag! You had me at that quote though...too stinking cute!!! And zinnias......let me just say that I adore this flower for their ease and longevity!!! Mine were still blooming after we had some rather cold nights!!!So more of these beauties will indeed be planted in my garden next year! Happy week dear friend! Nicole xo

  4. RED my fav colour!!!! It is alive on your blog today :-) I love the bag too........!

  5. Love the bag!! So cute!

    Zinnias are a favorite of mine. I planted rows and rows. And I sold many bouquets this summer. They are such a HAPPY flower. :-)
    They make people smile and we need more smiles. :-)))

  6. I totally love that bag too. Secretly hoping it's for me but I know it's not.


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