Sunday, 16 November 2014


  • a little sewing, a Christmas themed envelope for Rachel - I tried to make this slightly Kiwiana themed, by using Pohutukawa like backing fabric.  I also made a little progress on the Liberty needle case.  Still procrastinating on those must finish items for Miss B and Mr J.
  • Saturday night movie viewing - Tasting Menu, a Catalan movie with sub titles.  On the whole I enjoyed it, I certainly didn't feel that I needed to eat the food they were served, and the ending was sort of abrupt.
  • my hippeastrum/amaryllis in bloom.  Still two more plants to flower yet.
What did you watch this weekend? Have a fabulous week.


  1. The envelope is a real delight, stunning.

  2. Well I have had a sewing weekend as I cant walk!! Leg's on the mend though from the enforced rest. It does mean I have been very productive though in my sewing room!

  3. How great that your amaryllis is blooming!! They are so beautiful aren't they. I can't get my head around calling them hippeastrum's yet though! xx

  4. This weekend was all about survival! Been sick as a dog, but got something done...though little. Your weekend looks delightful and the envelope and envelope are gorgeous!

  5. LOOK at that bloom!!!! AH!!! You have reminded me that I need some inside bloomers for the Christmas season!!! And such a gorgeous envelope pal! Happy new week to you! Nicole xoxo


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