Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Scenes from my Week

From the sewing room
  •   a little scrappy sewing and quilting
From the mailbox
  • happy mail from Julianna (check out her beautiful nursery for the impending baby girl)
From a successful shopping trip
  • backing fabric for my Jacob's ladder quilt - Wildwood Forest Floor by Cloud 9, from Spotlight. It is not as finely woven  as normal quilting cotton, but it is still organic cotton and is quite suitable for a quilt back.  It is a fabric I have loved for a while and the coloiurs echo most of what is in my quilt.  30% off helps too.
From a sunny afternoon walk
  • Newly opened toetoe spied on my walk yesterday - I love their feathery plumes
From the reading pile
  • The Infinite Air by Fiona Kidman, a novel based on New Zealand aviator Jean Batten


  1. Absolutely love the Cloud 9 Fabric! xo

  2. Love the ongoing quilt, such beautiful fabric and colour combinations.

  3. I'm wondering what you are going to do with those
    Joel Dewbury fabrics? I have them and never been sure what to make! Love the backing fabric :)

  4. Lots on the go with you too I see! Love that backing fabric, and such a good buy! Linda

  5. All so lovely, but gosh, that grass by the shoreline! How beautiful is that, just stunning! xx

  6. Oh, that photo of the shore has me wishing for summer!

    Another good read! Thank you. :-))

  7. Lovely scenes of your week. I love the water shot, I think it's too long since I saw the ocean.


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