Sunday, 1 February 2015


  • these chopped  beetroot from my garden were turned into this divinely moist Chocolate Beetroot Brownie using this recipe
  • a small posy of zinnias from my garden - not quite the long stemmed plants I was hoping for, but still there are flowers in my house from my garden
  • finalising the layout for my Jacob's Ladder Quilt - I think this is the hardest part, making sure the colours are balanced and not too many of the same together in the scrappy blocks.
  • starting the sewing together of the above mentioned blocks
  • flowering in my garden - the Scadoxus Fireball Lily
  • the shirt quilt has been gifted to Mr J - his reaction  was  "yay my quilt, it's better than I thought it would be"
Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend.


  1. Both the quilts are lovely...and the brownie! :)

  2. The quilt turned out beautiful Julie!!! I love it!! And that beetroot brownie looks out of this world!! Food from the garden as well as blooms?!?!? A great day to me!!! Wishing you a glorious Sunday! Nicole xo

  3. Oh the brownie sounds YUMMY!!! Love the Jacob's Ladder quilt. Good to see your son enjoying his quilt.

  4. I love your Jacob's Ladder layout... very effective! Will you be quilting it? Linda

  5. Mr J's quilt is brilliant - and so big!! Lots of snuggling opportunities there! xx

  6. I love this, beets-brownies, flowers, quilts...all of it!

  7. I love what Mr. J said. I can hear the same coming out of my boys mouth. :-))
    I love his quilt. Did you put anything in the pockets?


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