Sunday, 8 March 2015


  • this is the first time I have ever grown a chilli plant, I am pleased to see such a profusion of chillis on it, now they just need to hurry up and turn red, before this part of the garden loses the sun.
  • some more wrestling with my Jacob's Ladder quilt and my sewing machine, the quilting is just about finished all the loose threads have been buried, now I just have to find some fabric for binding it.
  • could I have gotten an any brighter fabric, the back of my completed Fractal Pillow for the Great Pillow Fight Swap 
  • sewing my first hexi block, which has been posted off to Australia, for a quilt which is going to be sent to Rachel after the sad news about her new baby daughter.  Tutorial from here.
  • this pillow that I made in January for one of my nieces has finally made it's  appearance as a birthday gift.
  • and something to watch:  Skeleton Love   
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, whatever you did.


  1. All of your makings are gorgeous! The colors are so cheery and pretty! And that dancing pillow is wonderful!!! Loved seeing that chili plant as well friend! Here is to growing and making!! Happy weekend to you and your family!!! Nicole xo

  2. Lots of pretties here and I spy some Wildwood backing!


  3. Some stunning work and beautiful fabrics.

  4. So many pretty makes! Gorgeous weekend pictures Julie

  5. Looks like you are steaming ahead with your quilting and Chilli growing!

  6. Lovely having a wee peek into your weekend! A big job quilting the Jacob's Ladder quilt.. you are almost done! Linda

  7. Wonderful pretty things! The backing for the fractal cushion is brilliant, it goes with the front so well!!! Love the ballet shoes too! xx

  8. Hi,
    I love the ballet shoes.
    Have a great week.


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