Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Making : plans for a day out with my sister when she comes to New Zealand in December
Drinking : Rose and French Vanilla Tea as I type this post

Reading:  I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes
Looking: at lovely sewing, cooking and interior design books
Wasting:time on Facebook(I finally succumbed and signed up)
Sewing: by hand, Liberty dresden plates on their backing fabrics

Wishing: my house would clean itself
Enjoying: going to the movies with a friend - we saw The Dressmaker
Waiting: for my Mum to arrive on Friday for the weekend

Liking: new season asparagus
Wondering: why the birds keep pulling out my lettuce and marigold seedlings

Marvelling: at how Mum's who work full time get eveything done, I find it hard with part time hours
Loving: warmer days

Needing: chocolate 
Smelling: jasmine and clematis  in my neighbour's garden
Wearing: a sari, bracelets and bindi at work to celebrate Diwali 

Following:  the All Blacks and their Rugby World Cup games and results

Noticing: new growth and flowers on plants in my garden
Knowing: that there are only a few weeks left of school
Thinking: that I really need to do some Christmas shopping

Feeling: pleased that I mowed the lawns before it is supposed to rain
Bookmarking: dessert recipes for Christmas Day


  1. Dresden love! What did you think of the Dress Maker movie??

  2. Funny post! My wish is the same as yours :)) The Dresden plate is so pretty and the Liberty fabrics are perfect for it .

  3. I think we all wish our house would clean it self :) This is the best time of year I think, all the new plants, and oh, the asparagus, I make a pig of myself eating it. Looking forward to seeing The Dressmaker after this weekend is over.

  4. Oh, gosh - I am waiting for my house to clean itself. ::sigh:: :) I'm having a hard time with this goofy time change for Daylight Savings. I just feel blah all the time, so the house suffers while I focus on exercise classes and quilting work.

  5. Hi,
    I always love the following posts. :-)
    I can not believe Christmas is coming...time just keeps going so quick to me lately.
    I am excited for it, I just can not believe it will be here so soon.

  6. What a lovely post Julie. I can relate to a lot of what you're pondering on, such as needing chocolate. Did you enjoy The dressmaker? Like the sound of the rose and French vanilla tea. Have you tried the "T2" teas?

  7. I love this post. If you should happen to figure out how to get a house to clean itself, would you please let me know?! *hugs* :)

  8. Self cleaning house? Yes, please!

  9. Wishing my house would clean itself tooooooo! Hope you've had an enjoyable week x

  10. Looking forward to seeing progress on your Liberty Dresden quilt again.


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