Sunday, 22 November 2015


Rachael and Mr Chew Chew - pom pom making

Crochet lessons

Got to love my library!!

My beautiful Meadow pillow - photo courtesy of Deb

My beautiful AMH pillow/pouf from Rachel

Button detail

Beaded stitch markers
Today I made the trip from Auckland to Matangi again, for our last sewing day get together for 2015.
I had accumulated over the past couple of weeks a lovely pile of new quilting and cook books, so they were well browsed through.  Hand sewing, cross-stitch, pom-pom making and crochet lessons were all taking place today.  Lots of yummy food again too.

Gwen and I were the lucky birthday club recipients this time. I was very spoiled with the handmade gifts I was given.  From Deb, I received a beautiful Meadow pillow cover, featuring  so many gorgeous fabrics and from Rachael I received a beautiful Anna Maria Horner pillow, featuring her handmade pottery buttons.  I think my family will be banned from using these.

I made Gwen a pouch for her knitting (my first finish in my Q4 finish-along goals) and some beaded stitch markers.

Such a shame we probably won't have another get-together until next year now.


  1. I love the stitch markers, they are a real delight. Beautiful gifts.

  2. Its always so lovely to catch up!

  3. A lovely selection of goodies! The stitch markers look pretty, great idea! Lots of good reading there... I've just reserved the Sarah F. book at the library too! I'm always on the lookout for ideas to use up those precious scraps!

  4. Lovely. I love that photo of Mr. Chew Chew. Ha!
    I will be taking a blog break.
    Wanted to wish you a great week!

  5. Lots of lovely things to admire- the cushions and the beaded stitch markers are beautiful!

  6. Looks like a lovely lovely outing! And gorgeous gifts! You are all so so talented and generous!


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