Friday 27 November 2015

Scenes from my Week

From my morning walk 
  • beautifully vibrant pelargonium and a rose which I think is called Sally Holmes
From the sewing room
  •  my final Christmas placemat is finished - so another goal completed from my Q4 list for the 2015 finish-along.  
From the WIP pile
  • another finish - my French Hen decoration for my sister 
From the bedside table
  • new books to read and freshly picked, sweetly scented, sweet william.
From the vege garden
  • the humid spring weather means my tamarillo tree and beans are having a rapid growth spurt.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.


  1. The French hen decoration is a real delight, stunning!

  2. Love your French Hen Julie. My goodness is it ever humid in Auckland!!

  3. Santa and Hen look great. The veg patch will grow like mad with all the rain we have! :)

  4. "The Little Paris Bookshop" is on my list to read! I'm guessing I will have to wait a bit longer to borrow it from OUR library though! Your garden is lovely Julie!


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