Sunday, 8 May 2016


Still a way to go to get to the Trig Point

Cross section of a Ponga Tree Fern Trunk that has been sawn off.


Signs of Autumn
  •  bright fungi around the base of a Pohutukawa tree,
  •  moss which always reappears in my driveway at this time of the year.  Though I have to admit, I did think that this would be an awesome masculine quilt design and colour combo.
Happy hexis
  • one more row to piece together, then it's onto joining the rows .
Mother's Day
  •  hiking the Mt William Walkway with The Scout, Miss B, Mr J and a few other scouting families. We hiked through bush,  up and down farm paddocks with sheep and cattle. Luckily the views out from the top were lovely.  The ice creams we got at Pokeno at the end were good too.
Hoping you have all had a fabulous weekend too.


  1. Lovely photo's, fungi, moss and cows. I had a lovely tramp today too through a beautiful piece of privately owned bush that had some beautiful Kauri trees, one so big you could stand inside it!

  2. Great photos. Your hexies looking grand. So colourful.

  3. Looks like a great weekend, the hexies are a delight, stunning fabric choices. Great photos.

  4. Great photos! And your rows of hexis made me smile! I meant to ask, do you glue or thread baste your hexis?

  5. Those ice creams were well deserved, I expect! The cross section of the tree trunk (?) is beautiful too- a very graphic design! Your photographs are always inspiring Julie! Have a great week!

  6. What is the tiny green shoot coming out of? It looks like a metal sculpture... love the pastoral scenes :)

  7. Sheep! I love sheep. :-)
    Great photos. I like the green moss. That is a fun photo!
    Thank you for the surprise mail. My boys love the idea I have a friend who lives in NZ!! I do too. :-)
    Thank you,

  8. Lovely photos Julie. I think you're right about the cobblestones. Would make a great quilt!
    Hexies are looking good!

  9. I love your photos!!! Especially those sheeps :))

  10. Such beautiful photos, Julie! I would love to see areas like that in real life one day. All the hills and green pastures....just gorgeous! And your hexies are so pretty!'

  11. Beautiful photos!! Love the hexagons and the sheep.


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