Monday, 10 April 2017

Here & Now

My sister's Bird Dance

Loving //  What a few months, some hard work, sun and rain can achieve.  Remember that garden here and here, well now that summer is well and truly over, I finally remembered to take a photo of it looking all lush and verdant, just not very colourful.  Hopefully next year the climber will have covered all the mesh, and my lime tree will have fruited.

Eating //  Homemade Easter scrolls.  Details will be in April's Cook the Books post.

Drinking // Peppermint Tea in the evenings.

Feeling //  Slightly less tense after my completing my beginner's yoga classes. Looking forward to being able to attend daytime sessions on days I am not working now.

Making //  Another bird, this takes my completed total to 17.  My sister has finished all her birds and pieced them together, now she is onto the borders.

Thinking // 
That I should probably buy a few Easter eggs. 

Dreaming //  Of a design wall in my sewing room, not a design floor

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  1. Your Easter scolls look amazing. I bet they were even more inviting fresh out of the oven! Congratulations on finishing your beginner yoga classes. I have still not been brave enough to go to a class. Doing it at my own pace at home is far less intimidating so I think you are very brave xx

  2. Yummy Easter treats! Your birds are multiplying beautifully.

  3. Those birds are beautiful Julie! You and your sister are very talented. And yum to the scrolls! I think I'll have to make some sourdough ones.
    Easter eggs sound like a good idea.

    Thanks so much for joining in!
    Sarah x

  4. Your bird is so cute!! The Easter scroll look great - will have to pop back to get the recipe and make some for our Easter.

  5. Your sisters birds are fabulous and yours will be too!

  6. Your garden looks lovely - hard work did pay off indeed! Delicious looking Easter buns.

  7. Look at all those beautiful bright and fun little birds! You are both so talented!

  8. Always lovely to have a glimpse at your world Julie! I am amazed you get so much done- gardening, baking, sewing! Even though I have a big sewing space, the only place I can have a design wall is on my built in wardrobes- with all the handles in the way!

  9. The garden is looking wonderful! Love your new bird and the finished birds from your sister are magnificent!

  10. Your sister's Bird Dance is fabulous! There is so much fun embellishing on them, they would be an enjoyable make! Your garden looks lovely, mine has really taken off with the warm rain lately.

  11. I'm imagining that lovely baking scent while your Easter scrolls were cooking, Julie. I'm sure they tasted delicious! These birds you are stitching and embellishing look so amazing, as do your sister's. How talented you both are! Meg:)

  12. Hi,
    I always enjoy these!

    Well, my week changed very quickly. My dad had a heart attack on Tuesday. He had open heart surgery with four bypasses. He is slowly recovering.

    It is a 2 1/2 hour drive to the hospital that my dad is at. I did spend the night Tuesday - Friday.

    I tell you, things can change in ones life so quick, it is a reminder to love each other every day.

    xx oo


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