Sunday, 2 April 2017


  • A trip into the city with Miss B to see The Body Laid Bare exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery, turned into a lovely afternoon  with both of us enjoying the most perfect autumn day, and finding all sorts of interesting things to photograph in Albert Park, Princes street's Merchant's Houses and amazing street art.
  • This book from Floret Flower Farm is making me want to dig up my front lawn and grow all the flowers. I know I will have to plant some Iceland Poppies and am trying to work out where I can grow Sweet Peas for next spring.
  • My cosmos are still flowering - looking a little more bedraggled after the recent rain, but still adding colour to my garden
  • Another bird in progress
  • Lots of yummy homegrown organic grapes from a friend, meant I could finally try making a grape focaccia bread - I'll post about it in April's Cook the Books.
Have a fabulous week.


  1. What a lovely weekend......many interesting sights to see in Auckland. Mmmmm the bread looks yummy!

  2. Lovely colorful photo’s! The birds you create are amazing!

  3. Wonderful pics Julie! Where is that apartment building with the colourful balconies?

  4. Hi~
    Did you order the book? I did! I already have post it notes popping out all over. So many great tips. Erin did a great job going into detail with planting, care and harvest.
    I am very pleased.

    Great photos, as always, #9 is my very favorite!!!

  5. Wonderful colourful post and a great looking finish with the grape focaccia ready to be popped into the oven - looks delicious even uncooked. I bet it was tasty!

  6. How cool is that building with the colored panels adorning the side! And of course the focaccia looks delicious!

  7. I hope I could visit your country some day. It looks you live in really beautiful place. Wall paintings look great!!

  8. A lovely weekend! I thought that the "olives" on your bread looked more like grapes and wondered why, that is because they are grapes! Silly me. I am sure that it was delicious!

  9. It looks like you had a really interesting visit to the city Julie, so much lovely colour around, in all shapes and forms. Love the sound of the grape focaccia bread - what a shame all our grapes are finished!


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