Sunday, 5 November 2017


In the garden
  • loving seeing honey bees again, these ones especially, were enjoying my lemon blossoms
  • new season vegetable seedlings have been planted - a grafted cherry tomato, which should give me yellow and red tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, capsicum and parsley so far.
  • sewing up those AMH squares
  • preparing lemons for a batch of lemon and beetroot chutney, I also made some lemon curd.   I still have a lot of lemons to use up.
In my Home
  • Bird Dance is finally hanging on the wall. looking right at home with my  bright cushions and crochet throw.
  • fiction and non fiction.  I'm thinking that cookbook may need to be added to my collection, some beautiful middle eastern inspired salads in it.
Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead.

**PS:  if you think I'm super productive in the weekends, I'm not really, once a fortnight I have a 4 day weekend, Thursday-Sunday, so I get a lot more done on those days.**


  1. Love your photos, a great record of what you have been doing. Your quilt looks super hanging on the wall. Been admiring your cushions, particularly the circular one. Do you have a pattern for that or can you tell me where to find the pattern? Thank you.

  2. love all your work and love that photo of the bee and the flower

  3. Beautiful photos. Our lemon trees are abuzz at the moment too, I enjoy seeing the activity! It looks like the perfect place for Bird dance to hang.

  4. Great photo's of the bee! Are they taken with your phone? Oh Bird Dance does look at home......lucky cause it nearly had a home right here! :-)

  5. Your cushions and birds on the wall look great Julie. Love the bees in the blossom!

  6. I met Sue Spargo at Quilt Market and told her about your and your sister's quilts

  7. Hi Julie wow look at those beautiful fresh lemons and i love the pics of your bees xx

  8. The lemons look delicious, and I believe birthday wishes are in order! Happy, happy birthday Julie!

  9. I was wondering at the amount you got done on the weekends! 😆 love the bee photos, always good to see them at work.

  10. Yummy, lemons. I made a lemon curd last week to go with a ginger cake. Do you have your very own lemon tree/bush (not sure what you call them) ;-)

  11. Julie I still haven't made my lemon curd - you have beaten me to it! The lemon and beetroot chutney sounds delicious do show us a photo of a jar when it's all made. Lovely citrus blossom scent is all around at the moment, I love it, just like the bees.


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